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Baviaanskloof Tours - Some Highlights of the Tour


Our Baviaanskloof tours offer a feast of scenery.

There are rivers and indigenous forests with yellowwood trees, stinkwoods, wild figs and many others.


There are mountain passes and stunning vistas from the tops thereof.


There are drifts and majestic mountains as well as glimpses into a way of life that seems to belong in the past.



The botanically inclined can not fail but be fascinated by the variety of vegetation in the Baviaanskloof.


The number of different biomes means an enormous variety of trees, bushes, flowers, succulents, fynbos etc., some rare such as the flower below right.



The Baviaanskloof is not a game park, but one result of its being a wilderness area and containing so many diverse habitats is that all sorts of animal life thrive, from insects to leopard and buffalo.  Do not expect to see leopards or buffaloes, however, as their habits keep them away from the road.

As the name Baviaanskloof suggests, baboons abound as do vervet monkeys.


Tortoises are also found everywhere.  We try to avoid interfering with them but this little chap was so small that he was at hazard in the road and we thought it safer to move him to the side of the road.

There are all sorts of antelope, from large to small, and kudu are almost certain to be seen, sometimes in small groups and sometimes in sizeable herds.


On the grassy fynbos found around Bergplaas, hartebeest are usually spotted and sometimes zebra as well.

This has been just a tiny sample of what our Baviaanskloof tours have to offer.  Join us for a tour to experience the full splendour of the Baviaanskloof, one of South Africa's secret beauties.

To further whet your appetite, take an internet tour.

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baviaanskloof tours | baviaanskloof | tours | south africa tours | south africa